While many have been battling with the thoughts of who to believe or not, some has already jumped into conclusion about the preacher been guilty of the accusations.

There are also individuals rooting for him who believes this is just a test of time and test of faith as they are convinced that a man of such reputation can never stoop so low.

While we are waiting for the 24 hours the preacher prophesied for the truth of his scandal to emerged, let’s quickly drop this here.

A lady called, Sham Sham, had taken to social media to slam the preacher as well as Stephanie Otabio, whom she claims to be her friend of seven years.

According to her, she is fully aware of all the sexual escapades of the duo and how Stephanie lost weight after bleeding profusely for days which almost led to her death.

But for sham Sham, she believes Stephanie who she claims to have benefited financially from Apostle Suleiman is only trying to extort him rather than reveal the truth alone, which she doesn’t appreciate.

For her, the money the apostle has been lavishing on her friend is the hard earn money of Nigerians who have trusted him enough and his calling as a man of God.

The source also revealed that while Stephanie almost bled to death, she never told anyone she was pregnant, neither is she aware of Stephanie’s allegation towards Daniella Okeke.

Read her messages below: 

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