Remember popular Nollywood actor, Collins Onwochei, who starred in the controversial movie ‘Room 027,’ well, he was recently spotted by at an event in Lagos and he disclosed that he has been working behind the scene.

 He clearly explained that the movie ‘Room 027’ which many kicked against was an eye opener for him and he has learnt from his mistakes which will sure not happen again.

Collins stressed that him not featuring in movies like before is because the new actors needs to grow and at the same time more movie roles are not coming for the old actors the way they used to come when they started the industry.

“It is true that I have been silent in the industry and at the same time I have been behind the cameras also; of cause you know new actors are growing and coming up everyday and the older once not retiring but not getting active roles as they use to get when the industry started but as the industry is growing, we are behind the cameras.”

Defending the perception that his role in the soft dirty movie would have led to him going silent in the industry, he told that, “first let me correct the impression that the movie was not a p@rn. Incidentally, ‘027’ happened to be my film, I produced the movie and just to think outside the box so the censors board have seen the film and some corrections have been made, it’s a beautiful movie, so I don’t think that is the reason I have been silent, I think it’s me. Because I started my own thing, I have done like 15 movies of my own after ‘027’, I’m more into events and other things.”