Rumour that Olakunle Churchill is planning to take another wife has been debunked by his wife, actress Rosaline Meurer.

Recall that in some quarters, there are claims that the former husband of Actress Tonto Dike is planning to take a new bride.

However, while reacting to the rumour, Meurer said, “About the rumors that my husband is taking a second wife, nothing could be further from the truth.”

Meurer also maintained that she had resolved to always choose peace over drama, and distance over disrespect. She said, “I learnt a lot in 2023. I have learnt to leave people where they’re at; be it friends, family or coworker. I have stopped overplaying my role in anyone’s life. Some people take advantage of one’s kindness and vulnerability. I am in my soft girl era. If anyone stresses me, I would disappear. I am choosing peace over drama, and distance over disrespect.

“I have learnt to accept situations for what they are. I’ve realised that one does not have to understand everything, because some things are not meant to be understood but accepted.”

Responding to accusations that she was the cause of the crash of the marriage between her husband and another actress, Tonto Dikeh, she said, “Not every action needs a reaction. I have had my moments of exchanging words with people. But, if anybody says anything to me, I will give it back to them.

“When you learn that a person’s behavior has more to do with their own internal struggle than it ever did with you, you learn grace. Self control is strength. I have got to the point where my mood does not shift based on the insignificant actions of someone else. I can never allow anyone to control the direction of my life.”

The mother of two added that having kids was one of the things she ever got right in her life.