A Nigerian actor, Chidi Dike, has stated that he finds it easy to play the role of a lover boy ok movies than any other role.

Acording to the actor, known for playing the role of a lover boy, he revealed that it comes easily ro him becuase he grew up as only boy, amidst four sisters.

The fast rising thespian said, “I am comfortable acting as a lover boy, because I grew up with girls. I had four sisters, and I love them a lot. Whenever I have to express love to another female on screen, I just see it as me showing love to any of my sisters.

“I adore the female gender, so acting with them is like a piece of cake, because I have been doing it for a while. I have been doing this since I was a kid, and I’m comfortable taking on those roles.”

The actor, who hails from Abia State, also stated that he had no girlfriend at the moment. He said, “Nothing has been heard about me and any woman being romantically involved since I gained prominence, because I have none. I am not romantically involved with any woman at this point.”

He also stated that he had to work hard to get to this current level in the industry. He said, “It was not a bed of roses. It was a struggle actually. Before I gained prominence, I woke up every day believing God that my big break would come. I came to Lagos to act in movies, but I ended up doing a couple of other things. However, I believe that everything I did was for a reason. It was still on the pathway to success.”