What is this fearful news I am hearing that Nollywood wants to make a movie about Obama? How that come concern us? Anyway. Let them carry on. Idle minds always seem to come up with the lamest ideas.

There is enough untapped content in Africa. It really does not matter that Obama is half African. My issue with this matter is that nothing good will be made. Now if they were going to make a movie that is both entertaining and commendable, I have no fear. But the current trend in the movie industry is enough to make anyone shake with rage at the very thought of ridiculing such a landmark event and historic figure. Make una brake oh.

What is enough content? We have seen enough love stories and evil mother in law or Ini Edo running around looking for a man to seduce in movies. ENOUGH. we have enough content available to us.

Let me share a few.
Our hospitals and how easily we can die in government hospitals for lack of care. Negligent doctors and nurses and health system. Buying your own bedsheets, rats crawling in the wards, standing in a queue to get common syringe before your loved one will be taken care off. You have to provide everything in a government funded hospital before medical attention is given. I am not writing about stories that go off on a tangent and involve such a line. I am suggesting that such a scenario be the central plot of the story.

Mansa is a house-wife, the last level of education she attained is primary six. she is married to a factory worker who leaves home at 6am in the morning for work and returns at 9pm. They have three children.

Life changes when Musa, her husband does not return from work one evening. The factory he works in caught fire and he is believed dead. There is mayhem at home when she hears this news and her attention deviates from her 2 year old daughter who crawls to an open fire with a boiling pot sitting on it.

the pot turns over, scalding the child in serious burns. Mansa rushes her to the nearest hospital.

The wards are packed, full of workers from the burned factory. Men and women are thrown into the same wards due to space. Beds are lined in the hallways of the hospital, and Alima, the child is given a bed among adults and children on the corridor. Mansa is ordered to go and buy sheets, bandage, and other items before the child is attended to.

No money. Mansa runs home and finds as much as she can and returns to the hospital, selling to nurses, other patients, anyone she can see. she sells items to them. Beads, cloth, new dishes, anything. The child dies.

In the middle of this all, Mansa gets to see some of her husbands colleagues as patients in the hospital. Hope surges and decides to comb the hospital hoping for a sign of her husband. Maybe he is not dead after all. two people cannot die for her in one day.

She combs the hospital and does not find him. She has one other place to look, the burnt down factory.

Does she find him?

Time we start to deal with unusual story lines. This is a top of my head plot, nothing well cleaned out. Any filmmaker is welcome to use it. I will give anything to see something new.

Comments or other angles to this story are very very welcome.