After staging a successful premiere that had the crème de la crème of the society in attendance and has been enjoying positive reviews from the media, Oby Edozieh has taken her new block buster movie, Save Our Souls to the cinemas with Silverbird Cinema being the first of the cinemas to embrace the high budget movie that was shot in Nigeria, England and India.

The movie Save our Souls which is directed by Moses Iyang and has the likes of Kenneth Okonkwo, Elebelu Elebuwa, Chioma Chukwuka, Ebere Okaro, Segun Arinze, Oby Edozie herself as cast is about the emotional and psychological trauma that comes along with cancer and its effect on victims and their families, as well as various ways people choose to deal with it.

Speaking on the movie, Edozieh said ‘the movie has been very involving in terms of budget and other logistics, especially since the cast and the movie had to be moved to the two countries, but with the quality of movie we came up with, all the effort was worth it’.

She further said “Save our Souls is not only an entertaining movie but a very educative one and has won the support of big shots, organisations that are deeply concerned about the pain of people with cancer and will at anytime support cancer management or if possible eradication, firms like First Bank, the Federal Ministry of Health and Oby Gold Foundation.

The sassy actress disclosed that she is elated that the movie is accepted in the cinemas; that means Nigerians are after qualitative and educative works. Speaking further, she revealed that the presence of the movie in the cinema will help in propagating the message against cancer.