Being a celebrity definitely comes with a price. the moment one earns the tittle of a popular figure, there are a lot of things that are unexpected from such person.

Having a celebrity status means there are individuals out there who look up to you as a role model, that is why its essential to live a life worthy of emulation.

Yoruba actor, Adekola Tijani has definitely let his fans down when he acted in a thuggery manner recently, not to mention the fact that he attacked a woman which only shows he has no or little respect for women.

It was alleged that on the 4th of January, the actor has angrily battered an hotel receptionist in Oyo state and also chased her with a broken bottle for  a very trivial issue that could have been settled amicably.

According to reports, it was said that the actor was moved to another room without  his permission due to clash of interest form another regular customer of the Hotel who seldomly uses the room also.

This angered the comic actor who ordered that his things should be moved back to his favorite room as he wasn’t informed before the changes was made. All effort to calm the angry actor was reportedly futile.