A Naval official, Omojoye Ayodele, who couldn’t control his temper after his wife abandoned home and took residence in a Cherubim and Seraphim Church since Sunday, ended up killing her. Ayodele had dragged her from the church and took the pleasure of giving her beatings until she died. 

When he realized what happened, he rushed her to a hospital where he claimed that she took posion . But it was his landlady that exposed his wickedness and revealed that he has been abusing his wife since last year. 

She said, “The man complained that for the past three days, his wife had been away from the house and gone to a church. Around 10am on Tuesday, both of them entered into the house. I guess he had just gone to pick her from church. It was not up to three minutes that I started hearing noise. I went to their apartment and asked the man what the problem was, but he pushed me away and kept hitting her. He dragged her on the floor, among other things.”

When the beating was excessive, she ran out of the house but still went back again and when she came back again, the landlady said “She could not walk, so I decided to take her to a hospital. But nobody was willing to help me. If we had a vehicle on time, we would have probably saved her life. We were in front of my shop for about one hour, without any help. She was still talking to me before she passed out. The last request she made was that she needed palm oil,” she said.