Governor Ayodele Fayose is one man that the Federal Government cannot intimidate easily. On Wednesday morning he stopped, the operatives from the Department of State Security from arresting Apostle Johnson Suleman’s arrest.

The development we learned is not unconnected with Suleman’s instruction on Sunday 15th January 2017 to his private security guards that if any Fulani intruder is noticed around him, such should be killed. Governor Fayose said he was surprised that the security operatives trailed the preacher in the dead of night.

“I personally attended his crusade and I think it is wrong for a man of God who is armless could be invited if they have any issue against him. Are Christians and Moslems under different dispensation of the rule of law? . That’s why I went there to rescue him. Let them kill two of us together. But when they saw my vehicles and the crowd, they fled.

“But we have information that instructions came from DSS in Abuja that the Pastor should be arrested. We are not in a fascist state, Federal Government must learn to respect the rights of Nigerians and freedom of expression”.

Speaking after the scenario, Apostle Suleman insisted that it was the handwork of the federal government and he would not be cowed

“I’m not a partisan person, I’m not a politician. I’m sent by my Father to deliver messages and I’ll not be intimidated.” Suleman added that, “for attempting to arrest me for speaking the truth in one day, the damage they had done to themselves would take one year to repair.” 

” It should be noted that the Apostle gave the order based on security reports he reportedly received that some Fulani herdsmen were plotting to attack him over his stance on their activities, particularly because he is considered being ‘too vocal’ on the killings of Christians by suspected Muslim terrors across the country.  

The Pastor who narrated his ordeal around 2 am said:  “I came to Ado Ekiti for a crusade. But I had a premonition that I was being trailed after I preached that Christians should retaliate any attack or killings by the Fulani herdsmen. These Fulani headmen had turned many Christians to orphans and widowers but the time has come to protect ourselves.

“I received several calls from hidden numbers trying to locate where I am and I had warned my security not to allow any Fulani man to come nearer me. So when the men of DSS came in the middle of the night I knew their mission and I had to call the Governor because if they arrest me, they will put this country in fire”.