As you read this, Paul Of P’squore is far away United State Of America and having a good time in Las Vegas but the irony is; he is not happy and is openly crying out his pains.


Apparently Paul Of P’Square was wowed by the beautiful hotel he stayed in as well as the beautiful view that he saw and he felt pained that his home country Nigeria is nowhere close to having such facilities.

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Paul got upset and decided to turn to God for answers and rained courses on all corrupt leaders for under developing Nigeria.

“Dear God, I woke up in this lovely space and nice view #Lasvegas, and I want to thank you, but I have a question do not be offended, how long will it take for Nigeria my country to be like this.? Abeg who did we offend biko nu.

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We do not mind, we will go and beg for forgiveness no pride at all. We go humble ourselves. Even if they demand for skeleton of an ant, we shall provide. Please may thunder fire the people that denied us all these good things of life.

Even me that thought I was living life I am a starter, an upcoming, see light everywhere. And that is how I will come and go back to Nigeria may God help us all.