TV presenter, Elizabeth Ehigiamusoe, popularly known as Ehiliz, a wife, mother, TV presenter, gospel singer and now a grandma, has defended her make-up. There was a time, she was told that it was only the wicked that always paint their faces. However, that has changed over the years.

She said  “We were told that if you make-up or paint your nails, you are a sinner. But I studied the bible properly.  The reason we were told not to paint was basically because of Jezebel. But Jezebel’s wickedness wasn’t of the body, it was of her heart. I know how I look when I apply make-up and I know how I look without it. Then again, I am married and my husband loves my make-up so I have the licence to make-up. He actually told me to go and look at other women and see what they are doing. I wasn’t doing this before. I had to read meaning into what he said.

“Women need to be wise. I had to call my eldest daughter and told her what my husband said. She recommended a powder. I didn’t know anything about such powder before. That was how I started making up. All I know is that I cannot be nude. I cannot wear these stretch trousers that are so tight and I would be perambulating the streets. If I have to wear leggings, my top has to be long and cover my bottom. I dress properly.

She defended her painting “ I have seen people who don’t paint but their character is just like that of the devil. What you are inside is what matters most. Some people say that once a woman paints, she is worldly. But I had to ask one man recently, ‘you run after flashy cars and houses but once I apply make-up then I am worldly. Can you stay in a house that is not painted?’  So what is wrong if I apply make-up on my face?  What I will not tolerate is indecent dressing. Some women have stretch marks all over their body yet they wear tiny tops with small sleeves.