Rosaline Meurer is an amazing woman. She has got both beauty and brain no wonder she became the personal assistant of Tonto Dike’s husband, Oladunni Churchill.

Looking at the qualities of the alleged lover she seems to have a good effective skills required by an excellent personal assistant.

A personal assistant will encounter a variety of people from different works of life over the course of any given workday. To succeed in this field,  she will need to have the perfect combination of an outgoing, agreeable personality and great communication skills, which Rosaline has proven to have. 

She possess high degree of oral proficiency in spoken English and she speaks over 5 languages including Dutch, Gambian Dialect, Delta language and a bit of Hausa.

She is also a very creative person which can be seen in the roles she plays in any given movie ,this quality is what an organization need from its employer. Ability to think outside the box and generate solutions to existing problem.

This among other qualities may have attracted Churchill to have given her such a sensitive position.