Can you remember when she baby and kemi Afolabi washed their dirty linen outside after they both insulted themselves in public over cloths.

As if it that not enough, they also dragged popular actor, Odunlade Adekola who was alleged to be the main reason both lady were fighting as they both wanted him.

In a recent interview with Punch, she-Baby disclosed that the beef between her and her colleagues has been settled as they are cool with each other now.

Speaking on why the issue went so viral, she disclosed that the problem was not much but was blown out of proportion by the press which almost ruined a lot of things.

In her words: “The issue we had was not a big one but the media blew it out of proportion. Odunlade Adekola has been my friend ever since I started out as an actress in 2002. We went to the same acting institute at Abeokuta and that is where I learned movie production. He is somebody I have known for over ten years, the press messed everything up with what they wrote about us. They were reporting some things that we did not say and before we knew it, the whole thing went out of hand. We thank God it is over. Kemi Afolabi and I had the clash while on set of my movie, Aye Alaye but it has since been resolved. We have not seen each other for some time but the last time we met was at a friend’s movie production, we both featured in the movie. When we saw each other, we greeted ourselves. We are not as close as we were before but we are on talking terms.”