The pains of her lost is still being felt within the  Nigerian entertainment industry as more revelations have emerged about her health condition of veteran actress Bukky Ajayi, before she died. 


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The children of the late actress offered some vital information concerning how Ajayi died in an interview with Vanguardngr, along with eulogies.


 Claudius Akinwade Peter-Thomas, a musician and the second son of the ‘Diamond Ring’ actress mentioned that his mother had some health issues before her demise. 

“Mummy has been struggling with her health, she had cancer of the breast, diabetic and was also hypertensive”, 

According to him, Ajayi played a valuable role in the grooming of her children, having successfully managed her career and family without any strain.

Kunle Fawole, also known as “Abounce”, who is the last child of the family also confirmed Ajayi’s ill-health. 

He revealed that he was with her when she passed away.

“I and mama were in the living room with some of my friends when I noticed that her heart wasn’t moving, I mean like she stopped breathing.”  

“Immediately, I checked her pulse and called my elder brothers. We felt her pulse and heartbeat, did everything possible. But alas, she has passed on. And that was at about 11:23 am on Wednesday.”  

“She was a bit ill before this happened. She had been ill for a number of years now. She had stroke some couple of years back.”  

“There was a time she also had cerebral malaria. She became diabetic, hypertensive and also suffered breast cancer before now”. 


The sad passing of Bukky Ajayi, who was buried on the same day of her death according to Muslim rites, had left Nollywood in deep sorrow.