When Manchester United spent £100million on Paul Pogba in the summer and started paying the Frenchman £300,000 a week, there were screams around the world.

Now, think of what United paid goalkeeper Pat Dunne, who signed for the club from Shamrock Rovers for £10,500 and for the modest sum of just £35 a week.

Relax! It was in the 1960s that this money was paid to Pat. That two-year extension netted him £35 a week and has now been shown to the world by one of Dunne’s grandsons, with a friend. The wage received by Dunne is, of course, a direct contrast to the many millions of pounds earned by the likes of Pogba and other footballers today. 

The letter from United’s club secretary politely reads: ‘In accordance with Football League and Football Association Rules, I beg to advise you that the club desire to retain your services and wish to offer you a two year contract on the terms stated below with the option of a further two years as provided by the new agreements.

‘Forms are available at this office, if you wish to discuss any matter with Mr Busby he will be available any morning at the ground.’

The newly-discovered two-year contract proved to be Dunne’s last at United as, in 1967, he was sold to Plymouth for £5,000.From there he returned to Shamrock in his homeland and then becoming goalkeeping coach in 2004. He died following a short illness in 2015.