Some hours ago, Skales took to his page to show his support on wizkid’s upcoming music festival in New York.

Shortly after his post, a fan attacked him calling him a Wizkid hater, saying wizkid would get a Grammy before him.

Well, gone at the days, when people keep mute when cyber bullies come for them, Skales did not spare him as he gave him a clap back.

In his words: “ Hey punk, you are just a dumb ass that that should concentrate on achieving what I have achieved before talking shit on my page. Deal with the struggle of attention you were looking for, now you have it, are you happy fool? Meanwhile stay tuned for what’s coming foolish boy hiding behind a social media name that will never be known. Stay foolish I will pray for you if I have the chance. Am busy now, just has this few seconds to spare for your depressed life.”