Nigerian skit maker, Joshua Sunday, popularly known as De General, on Monday, informed his fans that he was not a drug trafficker following his detention at the Nigeria Drug Enforcement Agency.

Following his release, the skit maker shared a short video on his Instagram page on Tuesday, stating that he is alive, well, and prepared to go back to making skits after a short two-week absence.

He joked that the two-week break seemed like a full year.

The skit maker said, “As you all can see, I am alive, I am healthy, I am back to my house eating, and I am freshened up. I just want to thank the general public and to let them know that I am fine. And for you folks trying to reach out to me, showing your concern, I appreciate it a lot.

“I just want to want to debunk the news circulating that De General is a drug trafficker. I’m not a drug trafficker! If I was a drug trafficker, do you think they’ll allow me go like that? I only traffic laughter and comedy.

“So let’s get our facts right. De General is not a drug trafficker, and I love you all. I don miss to dey do skits. E kon be like say nah one year,” he said.

It was earlier reported by The PUNCH that De General was arrested by the operatives of the NDLEA for possession of illicit substances on January 12, 2021.

This led to his conviction and eventual release from the NDLEA custody on Monday.