Some tweeps have reacted happily and sadly to the news of Rita Dominic returning to Nollywood and being back soon on our screens in respect to Nollywood movies.

Rita Dominic had quit acting for a while and in a tweet yesterday she announced her return which means we are going to see her more on our screens when it comes to Nollywood movies as she used to back in the day.

This news seems to be good news to some people who really love her movies and have missed her a lot as they can’t wait to have their favorite back again but to others, it’s not because they wish she stay out of it for her own sanity.

Looking at how the Nollywood movie industry is growing, they think it will be best for her not to go back there because those in the industry now are not wise and Rita Dominic returning there might affect her in one way or the other.

There were a few curious cats among those who reacted to her post and they were only interested in knowing why she quit acting movies and why she’s now ready to return to our screens and give us what we love about her always.

Meanwhile, Regina Askia gifted her second daughter Tessa Williams a brand new car.

The former Nigerian actress revealed that the car is a belated birthday which was bought because her daughter kept her promise to stay in college, get a job and do the right thing.

She added that this is Tessa’s first car.