Solid Star shares challenge with drug abuse

A popular singer, Joshua Iniyezo, aka Solid Star, has shared his challenge with drug and alcohol abuse.

In a recent interview, the singer said he was introduced to substance abuse by “some young boys” without giving the names of the people.

He also disclosed that his struggle with the substance, which he called “Ice” started in 2021, adding that the drug messes with his brain.

Recall that some time ago, videos surfaced online showing the singer looking dirty and walking aimlessly on the street.

He confirmed he was the person in the video, and stated that on that particular day, he had trekked from the Awoyaya part of Lagos to Oriental Hotel.

He, however, said he was no longer addicted to the substance, “I am very well and healthy now. I have been out of hospital for four months now, but I am still taking my medication. I no longer smoke nor take alcohol. I keep everything plain now. I am doing very fine; working to make the world dance again with the good vibe I always bring. I have a studio at my place, and I am ready for my fans. I have been working tirelessly to ensure I present quality music, like I always do.”

Asked the lessons he learnt during his ordeal, the ‘Omotena’ singer said, “I have learnt not to always be by myself, because communication is very important. I was always by myself, so I became depressed, and I started seeing people around me as enemies. I have learnt to love and be positive.”

On if he got support from his colleagues during his low moments, he said, “Yes, I received support from friends, colleagues, fans and family. As a matter of fact, their support made my stay at the hospital comforting, and I appreciate all of them for their support. If not for their support, I would have had a terrible stay at the hospital. But, I was able to pay my bills and eat good meals because of them.”