Timini Egbuson To Go On Acting Break next Year

Nigerian actor, Timini Egbuson, has disclosed that he will be going on a sabbatical next year.

In a recent podcast interview with content creator, Kamsi Nnamani, the actor said he has been going from set to set over the years and only managed six hours of sleep a day.

The thespian noted that it was high time he took a break.

Egbuson said, “I only rest when I go out at night. I only sleep five hours to six hours a day. And then keep the work going. But next year I’m going on a sabbatical. I have been acting for the past fourteen years consistently. There has never been a downtime or a time when I’m just chilling. And I did not say that with pride. I say that with all humility. It has just been God.”

He said he stumbled into acting by following his sister, actress Dakore Egbuson-Akande to sets.

He added he would initially go to sets to protect her but then he fell in love with acting.