Singer, Minjin, is indeed proud of himself having made the right choice of picking a record label that is ready to invest in him.

 The singer during the week finally put pen to papers after fully convinced with Swagga record label of their readiness to ensure he gets to the top of his career.

Minjin who believes nothing is difficult for him to achieve was in all smiles as the record label unveiled him as he is in high hopes to regain his position in the industry.

Speaking with Hiptv about his new deal, the singer stated that it is not about being with a big record label that makes one get the hits but about the investment the record label is ready to put into the artiste.

This shade of his is very simple to those that knows his story with his ex record label, kennis music and since he never mentioned their name, it is left for the fans to decode the reference in his utterance.

In his words, “It is not just about when a record label big name that makes you a hit artiste, it’s a label that is ready to invest money. Some labels have big name but they will not invest their money, ah, I’m happy I have someone that is ready to invest his money on me.”

Recall that the singer pulled out of Kennis music after spending some years with the label but decided to move on hoping to get better deals come his way of which he has finally seen those truly in need of him after several attempts by other record labels to sign him.