Van Vicker has been vindicated finally by the man who accused him of sleeping with his wife, Clarice Ford-Kulah. Though, Van Vicker and Clarice had denied such ungodly affair, even citing mental challenge as the problem of the US-based Ghanaian businessman, Dr. Bartum Kulah.


Kulah had accused his wife of neglecting her family and sleeping around with handsome Van Vicker.  It is a good development that he has apologized and insist that he was misquoted “I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to my wife Dr. Clarice Ford-Kulah and Van Vicker for the inconvenience caused by my unguided statements which went viral.” He said

“I allowed my misunderstanding of genuine professional relationship and jealousy to get the best of me.However, it is unfortunate that many statements I made were misquoted and embellished by the press”

He added, “ I have no evidence (pictures nor videos) to prove that Van Vicker is having an affair with my wife. It was an empty threat. Again to Van Vicker, I regret the inconvenience this caused your career and family. To my wife Clarice, I’m sorry for my actions and for putting you out there negatively. Please forgive me,” Kulah added.