Daughter of Nigeria’s social commentator and singer, Charly Boy, Adaeze Oputa, is not one that easily talks or wants to be in limelight but with what she came across recently on a Nigerian flight, it has pushed her to speak out.

 Choosing to speak out is not for her own gain but to help save other lives which might be at risk someday when they board Arik Air flights to their various destinations.

Adaeze was on the flight to Abuja when she discovered that the company’s engineers used duct tape to hold some parts of the wires underneath the passenger’s seat.

Got shocked by this act, she questioned how other parts of the plane could possibly be as she also complained that the meal served on Arik Air flights is nothing to write home about.

In her words, “So I was on an Arik Air flight this afternoon heading back to Abuja. And the inside of the plane had more duct tape holding it together than I had ever seen in my life. This is what I kept staring at underneath the seat in front of me, EXPOSED WIRES and what seems to be a life vest It had me thinking. If there’s so much visible duct tape holding the inside of this plane together, I don’t even want to imagine what’s going on with the parts I can’t see. the grace of God, #arik where they do that at please upgrade your planes, more duct tape than home depot, stop being cheap. your inflight meals suck too.”