We don’t need to blame Chidinma for having a lot of males failing in love with her. She is a very beautiful lady.While we are still contemplating if her relationship with Flavour is platonic, another guy has fallen hell over in love with her.

Budding Afro-pop star Bonkwe is only always thinking of one lady; Chidinma.

Bonkwe  is a very huge fan of P-square, “I’ve been in love with them since I was a kid. I love their music, I look up to them, when I was younger I used to learn their songs and  perform them to my family members, so I’ll say they inspired my music.”

He talks about marriage “No, I’m not planning to get married. I want to focus on my music for now.” He said “I have always had a crush on Chidimma. I think I’m in love with her; I love her because she is very simple and very talented. She is also beautiful and one of the most honest female entertainers we have in the industry today. She has been my crush for a very long time now”

Bonkwe admits that most of the artists out there now want to be like other successful artists, “…This is not right, in this game, being real is everything, artists lie a lot, they live fake lives. I am true to myself, I’m me, I want to be me, I don’t want to be any other person, I want to be real and stay real in this game, and I also want to put out real materials, that’s how I intend to stay relevant in this game. The moment you try to be someone else you lose your place in the industry. That’s the truth.”

Who will Chidinma accept now between Bonkwe and Flavour?