Nollywood on-screen character, Francis Odega has joined league of Nigerian celebrities supporting the much talked about Biafran struggle being championed by Nnamdi Kanu, who is a political activist.

Kanu is a leading member of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), and has gained media attention after his arrest on treason charges in Lagos.

After his release, it is not erroneous to have mentioned his Biafra agitation has waxed stronger. Thus, he has been widely accepted in the Nigerian society with mixed feelings as he records for himself a number of fair amount of supporters and critics.

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However, some celebrities have openly declared their support for the Biafra movement, affirming the essence of the course.

Odega, who rose to fame after a scene from movie series, Back From South Africa hit the internet, is not shying away from the Biafran agitation.

Speaking to Celeb Police, the star actor believes Kanu is doing well in that regard and his movement should be well acknowledged.

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His words; “I don’t think Nnamdi Kanu is doing bad for himself. Because when one look at it, how can some Northern youths say they don’t want us from their states, that means we are not welcomed. If one say leave the North, quit the North that means one don’t want us and the only thing for us to do is to have our own.

“If someone ask me not to come to his house again, what do I do? I look for my own house. I don’t have a reason to pretend about this, if Biafra want to come let it come.”