Stay tuned for more from workshops. I am done transcribing a very inspiring interview from someone we all have been dying to hear from. You will not be disappointed.

You might be, if you are come to this column looking to read Miriam Webster quoted sentences. This is a workshop. A place for light hearted writing. If the need arises to write prose or UN approved essays, the ability is there.

No matter how “horrendous”, badly put or whatever, the desire that you readers read and understand the statement is what is important.

I have been on some websites that have bashed my writing and have called me names, why? I do not dog their footsteps by languishing on a forum and intimidating people with irregular explanations and big big English words that are not necessary for daily consumption. If these people really know, what are they doing on a forum when newspapers, magazines, writing companies and the like abound? Give praise where its due and stop foisting your failures and insecurities on others.

Using big words is no task, we all have dictionaries and can do it. There is some thing called placement. which is the time and place viable for an event to take place.

Doing the right thing at the wrong time justs shows how insecure we really are.