Toyosi Phillips is praising Stella Damasus for her resilience and strength in her darkness moments when people send her hate and venom.

Stella has not been lucky when it comes to staying away from hatred because she has been criticized for a number of things; her relationship has suffered the moment.

Toyosi has written Stella a letter to tell her how much a strong woman she has turned out to be over the years. She reminded us that Charlotte Dawson, a judge on Australia’s Next Top Model committed suicide after internet trolls refused to allow her to be great! “ A simple Google search on, “suicides and attempted suicides caused by bullying and cyber-bullying” will leave you alarmed.

So again, I want to say that you have tried! I’ve read epistles of insults directed at you and winced. Certain people have taken the time to dissect and type up what they believe is the true story of your life and have laced these stories with lethal words and descriptions. I see these things and wonder how you have dealt and continue to deal with the hatred. You are one strong woman!

I want to apologize for not cheering more loudly. I feel strongly that there are others who like me are in your corner but are too caught up with activities in their lives to respond to the hate that is sent your way every time you speak up. I’m writing this to let you know that we are here.

I am here. So, whenever the noise gets too loud- and you know what they say about the source of the loudest noise – remember that there are people who love you, imperfections and all.”