Sometimes one cannot really explain why some things happen, a woman was said to have given birth to a baby with two heads in Lagos.

She gave birth to the baby on Tuesday at Med-in specialist hospital, Osogbo Street, Lagos, through an elective Cesarean section. It was learnt that the unsuspecting woman was expecting her twin babies according to various scan result.

Speaking about the delivery, a nurse who spoke under anonymity  said that they were all ready to have two cuts but to their dismay, they found out that the babies were conjoined.But they were transferred to Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) for advance care


“As I speak to you, the mother doesn’t know the condition of the babies. She still believes and expects to carry her twins. We haven’t told her yet. Only her husband was brought into the theatre to see his children and he was the one who went with the doctors to LUTH,” she said.

Doctors reported that the twin cannot be separated because they have one set of internal organs. And this could be a cause of genetic mutation.

The ministry of health has been informed of the development.