Sunny Macdon is one actor who has mastered all it takes to play bad-boy roles to the hilt. He even dresses the part. In fact, it is believed that the actor does not need a costume to act as a mafioso don or a kingpin because he looks and dresses that way.

But really, when it comes to spiritual matters, Macdon is a complete opposite of what he acts and how he dresses.

At the recent christening of movie director, Lancelot Imasuen’s baby, Macdon behaved like a saint.

He looked so sober and spiritual that yours truly couldn’t help but steal glances at him. He made sure he did all the things the officiating pastor told the congregation to do during the church service. Anytime the pastor told the congregation to stand or sit, Macdon was the first to do that.

His shouts of ‘yes pastor’ and ‘ride on pastor’ was heard by everybody.

That was not all, Macdon was probably thrilled with the pastor’s preaching for he went to the altar more than thrice to drop offerings as the sermon was going on.