Ikechukwu Okoro got into the Nigerian movie industry in 1999. With well over 30 movies, such as Wasted Years, Outcast and Gentle Solution, Okoro was almost joining the group of elite actors who dominate the scene when things went awry.

Okoro was hit by an ailment that left him shattered and made his acting career to become epileptic.

Speaking to Life and Beat recently, Okoro said he had been hit by a hip problem arising from a bone defect.

Okoro added that he couldn’t decipher the cause of the health problem, which appeared in 2004, early. ‘And since 2004, the actor said he had not been able to do anything again.

“Acting is what I know how to do best and I cannot act again. The sickness has brought me down. It has not allowed me to do anything at all. It has not been easy for me one bit. I have been visiting orthopaedic experts.”

For his health to make a positive turnaround, Okoro said doctors at the National Orthopedic Hospital in Lagos said he would need a total hip replacement.

“I was told I would need to do a hip prosthesis. They estimated the operation, which would be done in India, to cost N2. 4m.”

Okoro told Life and Beat that he was yet to raise the money and he did not even know how he would raise such a huge amount.

“I was told that the operation should be performed urgently otherwise the problem would affect my spinal cord as well,” he said.

Okoro, a card-carrying member of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, said his association had been quite helpful.

“They have helped as much as they can but I need more help. I need to raise the money to do this operation so I can get my life back.”