I have been quite idle this week. mid term break; so I can be a bit lazy before I swing it again. What have I been doing? doodling on the internet and scribbling some crazy ideas on paper. I will share a set with you. I got the inspiration from a website I read from frequently, I am not particularly inspired to join, It’s a bit too biased for my enjoyment.

Well, I know am keeping you waiting. I made a list of the bad, the good and the best actors and actresses in Ghana/Nigeria film industry. I am going to get tongue lashed for this as usual but errrr who cares? I am a writer, the insults are “my spoils of war” You see… I am totally idle and bored.

Here is the list. the Bad are just the bad actors who need to be taken off the camera.

The good are the good ones who can can become best with a better director.

The OK ones are that I can mange to watch if they are mixed with the best ones The OK ones are not bad, I only personally feel they exert too much noise, facial expression and emphasis on the wrong parts of the acting process. They are definitely not bad actors, they are good too.

The best, are the best. They know how to dot their i’s and cross their t’s, they understand character and are never stuck in one dimension.

I chose the best with the image of the actresses who know how to bring a certain rawness to the movie. They are not concerned about how they cry, how they dress, their make-up or things like that. They enter into character, no mater what. The same applies to the category of good, just that they have a way of holding back a little and are somewhat costume and make-up conscious.

Ladies first

Tonto Dike
Uche Elendu
Jackie Appiah
Nana Ama McBrown
Uche Ogbodo
Sophia Tchikere
Juliet Ibrahim
Uche Iwuji
Alex Lopez
Uche Jombo

Oge Okoye
Kate Henshaw
Stella Damascus
Chioma Chukwuka
Nadia Buhari
Ini Edo
Chidi Ihesie
Step Okereke
Rita Dominic
Ckika Ike

Clarion Chukwura
Susan Patricks
Eliogu jennifer
Funmi Holder
Rita Edochie
Step-Nora okeke
Thelma Nwosu
Maureen Solomon
Genny Nnaji
Omotala Ekeinde

Uche Ama Abriel
Onyeka Owenu
Joke Silva
Pat Ozokwor
Liz Benson
Florence Onuma
Bimbo Akintola
Franca Brown
Doris Sackitey
Ngozi Ezeonu

I shall return with the male list.

There are My personal choices, nothing to wet your pants over. We are all entitled to opinions right? I know people will hate me for the organization of the list but hey, like I said, it’s my personal opinion. I’ll love to see a compilation from readers too.

Nite nite!!