Ace Nollywood producer and actor, Nwakaego Boyo, spoke about the nature of things in the industry. According to the movie producer, the new generation filmmakers are only interested in selling out venues/cinemas, but still produce poor contents.


In a series of her tweets, she wrote, “Film is not all about the fancy gear or camera movement, but about the story you want to tell.”

“I miss the days when the content was rich, original even if tech wasn’t great. Now tech is better, even great, and some stories are? Mediocre can’t be our target. Are we selling out venues and selling out real creative content..Lack of originality.

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The moment you realise that saying it like it is in our industry of make believe, is unwelcome by most. Lets just keep pretending.”

The legendary star, and producer is known for her roles in Checkmate and Violated. Although, she’s been off the industry for a while, it’s obvious she’s planning a massive return loaded with great, inspiring and original contents as her tweets put it.