The primary cause of anxiety today is poor nutrition. Majority of people would not need medication if they were eating the right diet. Food can control our mental health. Food can regulate your insulin levels and maintain our hormones state.

Some foods such as fruit, vegetables, grains and many more are used to control depression. Studies have shown that some food reduces depression. In this post, we have suggested a list of diets that can improve your mental health. Below is our suggested diet for good mental health.

1) Don’t Eat Junks And Processed Food.
Researchers carried out a study on 3,400 participants to identify the effects of processed food and whole-food on the mental health of middle-aged adults. The research shows that those who consume processed food such as high-fat dairy, fried food, junks and a lot more, for five years have great depression to those that ate whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, meat and fish.

When you eliminate junk food, you are starting your journey to regulate inflammation, and increase your insulin level.
Besides this, the sugar in processed foods increases your blood sugar and reduces insulin level. Insulin controls human stress hormones. Directly such people will be stressed and depressed. It is highly recommended to eat keto diets such as the tomato recipe that are made of natural ingredients such as leeks, tomatoes, and chicken stock. Proper tomato recipes speed up ketosis reaction rate in the body.

2) Eat More Animal Protein
Meat is a good source of animal protein. When you eat meat, you will get mental benefit from it.
Animal foods such as fish, and meat, supplies omega 3 fatty acids, minerals and vitamin D to the body. These foods are brain-boosting and antidepressant. If you are conscious of your mental health, get a lump of organic meat, and do away with processed meats.

3) Eat A Keto Diet
A better keto diet is made to have low carbohydrates, moderate protein level, and a high level of naturally sourced fat. The human brain needs more fat than glucose. Whenever you take a keto diet such as a tomato recipe, you will get high fat for your brain and less glucose that serves as a source of energy for your body. Patients that have early Alzheimer’s are strongly advised to eat keto diets. Such a patient will see a definite improvement in their mental health with a keto diet.

4) Intermittent Fasting
Abstains from food is an effective way to improve our brain health. The human body tends to have excess glucose levels that are harmful to the brain. Fasting helps to reduce glucose level because the glucose will be used up for long hours of fasting, and there will not be an intake of glucose during the period. The best health practices are to stick to fasting until you are hungry.

5) Protein Intake
Researchers conducted a study on the amount of protein that must be consumed to regulate depression. In which the research was based on men and women in their middle age. The main objective of this research is to determine the effect of high protein diet on psychiatric disorders.
The study shows that men should have high protein consumption for healthy mental health.
While women should have a low protein diet because excess protein is detrimental to women’s mental health.

You can improve your mental health by watching your diet. Do away with processed food such as fried fruits, processed meat, high carbohydrate diet, high sugar foods, refined grains and many more. Eat more animal protein such as meat and fish that will provide the required mineral and vitamin for your brain. The tomato recipe is the best keto diet to maintain proper mental health because it is made from a natural fat source that is olive oil.