Genevieve Some of the famous thespians in Nollywood appear to be in hard-faced competition among one another. This is particularly visible with the female folk. But Omotola Jalade- Ekeinde and Genevieve Nnaji seem to be ahead of the pack in peer rivalry, what with their pursuit for global recognition at every opportunity they get.

They both rushed into music (no chartbuster in sight yet); then there was the Genevieve interview on CNN and Omotola’s infamous first-Nollywood-diva to walk on the Oscar red carpet debacle. Currently, Genevieve is on a CNN commercial about Nigeria. But rather than make us proud, she has stoked the fury of patriots by saying Nigeria is just like New York. Mirror Mongers wonders if any New Yorker in his right mind would say America is just like Lagos? By the way, while not taking away anything from her successes, Omoni Oboli, who won best actress at the obscure Harlem International Film Fest should be notified that it isn’t an exactly ground breaking win. Some 21 years ago, consummate stage and screen performer, Clarion Chukwura, was awarded as Nigeria’s first actress to win a global laurel.