It was not today that Phyno and Olamide started working together, we can recall that in 2012, they released ‘Ghost Mode’ and in 2015 they released ‘2 Kings.’ As if the rappers

were waiting for us to say that we have seen it all from them, recently  they went  ahead to  release a new ‘ghetto gospel’ song titled ‘Fada Fada’.

Phyno is happy with this latest release and he is saying ‘I’m already playing church gigs. I’m doing it for God. I’m getting paid of course,” talking about Olamide  ‘Olamide is my brother. We have different projects going on. We have good chemistry and synergy. Even if we don’t vibe together, it works,’ he said.

To those who may think that the two are rappers are in competition, ‘We have never deleted a verse. No competition. We just let it flow, Olamide is one of the best Nigerian acts and I admire him a lot’.

This is not the first time he has spoken well of Olamide “Olamide, Phyno added: ‘Ola is a very hardworking dude, one of the most hardworking artistes in Nigeria, putting out 3 albums in 3 years! Men, no be beans, I’m not sure any artiste has done that in Nigeria. and anytime we step into the studio together, he inspires me and I inspire him and any track we jump on, we must surely kill it.’