Nigerian singer Olawale ‘Brymo’ Ashimi popularly known as Brymo has been able to keep his music career waxing stronger and healthy even after the fall out with his former record label Chocolate city.

The singer recently released a new studio album which takes his tally to six but the most notable and intriguing aspect is that none of the tracks featured another artiste.

This decision has gotten a lot of people wondering about the reason for his action considering that a lot of Nigerian musicians always feature at least one artiste in their album.

Brymo has revealed the reason behind his action in a new interview saying that no other Nigerian artiste aside Asa fit into his kind of music.

He said; “I have spoken to Asa’s handlers. What remains is to set it up. She is the one person who I can collaborate. What she talks about love, social issues, and everyday issues are things that matter to me. I had important things to talk about. It is hard to bring someone who doesn’t know my thought process to collaborate on such a song. Many of my colleagues collaborate because of positioning. There is so much politics involved in collaboration so I chose to sing alone. I have collaborated in the past but I was not satisfied with the outcome.”

According to Brymo, most Nigerian artistes do collaboration not for the sake of music but with the sole aim of advancement. He also stated that veteran indigenous musicians sing alone.