Newly evicted housemates, strategic partners and in house lovers Teddy A and Bambam have finally opened up on their toilet affairs that got many tongue wagging.

The two of them became very popular after they were spotted doing the bedroom play in the toilet; many people bashed them for this very act while others said that they were trying to be real.

This episode is one thing that surely made this two very popular during their stay because at the mention of Teddy A and Bambam you only get to remember the toilet affair.

The two couple has spoken in an interview with a popular radio station after they arrive Nigeria, they refuse to deny the rumor rather they played around the question.

Teddy A was asked what really happened in the toilet in which he was partially seen sited while Bambam rocked his man part from on top. He said: “Hey, I don’t speak English, I speak Swahili.”

Bambam on the other hand said: “What is a toilet issue, I wonder, I don’t know.”

Teddy A is now rooting for Miracle; he said that the grand prize might be taken home by Miracle because he is very original.



Teddy A, Bambam Open Up Toilet Romance At BBNaija House