SEX is a thing of joy; it must be enjoyed and not endured. Some women begin to feel apprehensive whenever it is time to go to bed time is approaching. This reaction may not be due to the fact that they quarrelled with their spouse or partner. There could be more to it.

Again, for those who are into relationship and who consented to have sex before marriage, their partners could be scared of going to bed with or having sex with them.

Is this happening in your relationship? If you are the very harsh type, she may not be able to open up and share her fears or her feelings with you. You may not even realise that you scare her in bed.

These are few of the things that could make sex become scary for some women. •Unexpected anal or oral sex: Some women may not be favourably disposed to anal sex, while some may enjoy it. Some women are turned on by the idea of anal stimulation and oral while other women find it disgusting. As a man, it is important you find out your partner’s preference before going into it.

Some may be willing to learn, while some women won’t even hear of it. Do not just assume. Don’t spring this type of surprise on her. Take your time to find out. Giving her a head or other forms of oral sex might be reprehensible to some women, not to think of going anal.

Get an idea of what she likes, if this type of sexual preference is what makes you happy, who knows? You could teach her to appreciate and enjoy it too, but do not force it on her.

New things:- This is simply preference and styles. It is true that variety is the spice of life, but do you know that she could be scared if you ask her to experiment with something she has not done before?

Springing a new sexual experiment or style on your partner could depend on her level of confidence in herself, you and your relationship. If you introduce something new out of the blue, she may really get scared, you don’t want to turn her into a frigid lover? Why not try things like, “have you tried this before? Would you like us to try this out? Words like this can help get her interested and it will be better for both of you.

Dirty talks:- In-as-much-as these turns some people on, it could be repulsive for others. Most of us can appreciate a little bit of dirty talk in and out of bedroom and in the heat of passion anything can come out of your mouth if you are not careful, of course, this can be excused sometimes. But note that actions are not the only thing that can scare some women. Your words can be as scary as your action. Be careful the way you talk. What you say and how you say it.

We all have different backgrounds and upbringing. Know who your woman is!

Extreme sex toys and prips:- These are not common features here, in our society.
Sex toys maybe a normal part of your sex life, but if you are with a new partner who is not used to these, please, do not try it out on her. If you have really scary sex toys, please keep them away from her.

Scary sex:- Some of us get turned on playing sex the hard way, staging rape, whipping, choking and other weird sexual preferences. To you, it could be normal and enhance your sexual enjoyment. But for what woman who doesn’t engage in it; it is scary weird and really bad.

If you engage in and also enjoy this form of sexual preference, don’t ever try it out on your partner without asking her opinion. Some women also engage in it, but, of course, they won’t say that to you directly or ask for it. When you ask, some might even be ashamed or scared to answer in the affirmative. But if she is one of those women who engage in such stuff, she will eventually warm-up to it or open up to you.

Do not force this sexual style on your partner. Remember that there are other ways to enjoy sex. Seek pleasure from each other and give pleasure to each other. Remember! Sex is a thing of joy, it must be enjoyed not endured.