Singer, Ojay Wright, has come out to defend his mother, Bukky Wright, after she was accused of not training her son well.

Ojay who got wind of the viral report decided to defend the mother as he describes those accusations as insult to her personality.

He pointed out that the way he chose to live his life is nobody’s business as those criticizing him lack exposure.

In his words, “Personally, I think it’s really absurd and dumb to insinuate my mother didn’t give me home training because I have a nose ring. It’s insulting to the woman in question, and I don’t think it’s anybody’s business what I do with my nose really. Such stupid and primitive ideas shouldn’t be blamed on my mother but lack of exposure can sometimes make one sound really ignorant, and that’s not my fault. You talk about home training but we don’t know what goes on in your own house. Dumbasses don’t even know the meaning of home training.”