Popular musician, Timmaya, was Saturday mobbed and stripped of his belongings by youths in Abuja . The incident, which took place at the Eagles Square, happened when the musician came out to perform at the 2008 National Youth Summit.

Trouble started when he was carried away by the cheers from his fans and jumped down from the stage. Immediately, the youths, in their hundreds, rushed at him and stripped him of his gold watch, bangles, shoes, wallet, handset and pullover.

Before he managed to escape from the mob, he was already injured at the neck. The incident created pandemonium as the popular star abandoned his performance in anger.

NFC gathered that it took persuasions from the organizers of the event to bring him back to the stage. Even after his reemergence 30 minutes later, Timmaya performed with less interest, interrupted his performance with pleas for those who made away with his belongings to return them.

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