It is a never ending argument on whether cosmetics enhances beauty or diminishes it. While those that hold the argument that it does truly enhance beauty are in majority, they are also dissenting voices who hinge their reasoning on its deteriorating effects over time.

Simply put, cosmetology is the study and application of beauty treatment. In Nigeria, one of the best hands in the beauty treatment and skincare is the Chief Executive Officer of Grerivian Cosmetics, Margret Riverson Essien popularly known as Grety Riverson, based in Houston, Texas, United States of America

In a recent interview she highlighted how cosmetics can change lives, for both men and women while also giving tips on beauty regimes that can be adopted to be beautiful.

She took her stand as thus, “Cosmetology has the ability to make a difference in people’s lives. It finds a way of improving the features of the face and skin, therefore improving the image of that person. This can change lives because in the real world, image matters. It can stop people from getting jobs or meeting that special someone in their life for the first time.

“The impact of beauty products in a person’s appearance and facial features can have a profound effect on that person’s life. Hence, cosmetology enhances true beauty. Cosmetics enhances the skin, therefore improving the image of that person. As you all know, we are in a world were one’s image matters. If a man wants to use cosmetics the same way a woman does, I don’t think have a problem with that.”

“Beauty comes from within and radiates out into the world. It is the quality of being attractive while style is how one’s appearance is arranged. It is very possible to achieve both, you need to understand what works for you.I would say that, true style comes from an understanding of how to master basic beauty techniques and trends. Beauty and style should not be separated.

“One can be beautiful without style. Style is about dressing in a manner unique to your personality. Beauty is just about your looks. You can decide to try nice cosmetics for beauty enhancement and not care about your style and you can dress ‘to kill’ and not bother about using any cosmetics. In doing this, a void is created. That is why I said and still say that beauty should not be separated from style.”

On whether prolonged use of cosmetics could have adverse effects later in life of the user, Grety Riverson reasons, “Using chemically made cosmetics can have some health hazards. Although, science has made it easy for cosmetic companies to come up with anti-aging products which mostly are made from natural herbs and leaves to care for one’s skin and make one look younger in old age.

“Grerivian Cosmetics is becoming a leading international brand with varieties of products to suit different shades and skin tones. The company is dedicated to providing the best quality products and services. Happy customers is our number one goal! Our motto still remains “Glow With Pride,” says the Chief Executive Officer, Margret Riverson Essien popularly known as Grety Riverson.”

Apart from being the CEO of Grerivian Cosmetics, Grety Riverson, who is based in Houston, Texas is also a certified beautician, YouTuber and a brand influencer.

Margret Riverson Essien started the Grerivian brand in Lagos in 2016 before migrating to Houston, Texas, United States of America in 2017 where the fortunes of the brand continues to soar even as their customer base never pales in Nigeria.

Margret Riverson Essien is a native of Mpkat Enin local government area of Akwa Ibom State. She celebrates her birthday June 7th of every year.

In her professional years as a beautician she has worked with the likes of Winifred Amy, Jolie Hyacinth and many others.