Since the acrimonious divorce of Nigerian media personality, Toke Makinwa and fitness entrepreneur husband, Maje Ayida in 2015; that was characterize by countless accusation about the London trained hubby’s legendry unfaithfulness.


Since the divorce, Maje has been silence while Toke Makinwa took every opportunity to flaunt her sexiness. Freedom and very achievement, while Maje was reduced to watch the spotlight from the dark like a movie goer watches the bright screen from the dark. He kept silence like a lion awaiting for its pray.

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But a few days after his ex, announced that she is about making a delving into Nollywood,a move that will increase her brand value and it was that week that Maje decided to write on social media, “Silence is never empty“.

This statement for our tatafo’s at he is trying to warn Toke that it is not only you that has achievements to flaunt or he is trying to tell her I have damaging information that will destroying your image and end your dream of achieving success in acting.
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