For four decades, Veteran actor Akin Lewis has traversed the movie landscape like a colossus and he is still waxing stronger, both in Language movies and movies produced in English Language.

In a recent chat in Lagos, the star of “madam dearest”, praised the way the motion picture industry has grown and is still growing in terms of technology, improved storytelling and diversification of revenue; but he has one single issue, unskilled actors; whom he believe will kill the industry. if not checked.

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Akin Lewis lamented the current trend were people base acting on looks and feel that it’s all it takes to be a good actor, he warned that if this trend is not stopped it will jeopardize Nollywood . “I do not know what they call new and old Nollywood, the only thing I see is charlatans everywhere who think they can do everything meanwhile they cannot do jag. I have had to put some in their place when we meet on set; it takes nothing to go and get a little bit of training of any form and you will be better off for it…”

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Lewis how ever has some words of praise for those who are getting it right, “I give it to the younger generation that are doing great things in the industry and moving it forward. We have great young directors, writers and producers who are really young but are well trained that is why they can do all the things they doing” he submitted.©