It has been revealed that Tonto Dikeh  had always wanted her foundation to be merged with her estranged husband’s foundation which will bear her name.

A source close to the family said that Olakunle Churchill did not agree because he is very passionate about his foundation and he does not want any interference from someone who only wants to use it as a show. 

The source revealed that, that was the reason she organized her own . The last time Big Church Foundation organized did a show, the Tonto Dikeh Foundation organized its own too. A way of trying to use her celebrity status to run the whole show.

When the whole scenario began to play out, Olakunle Churchill could not take it any further but she vowed that she would use her celebrity influence on the social media to drag his image to the mud including that of his foundation.

That is what she is doing now. She has started carrying out her strategic plans . Recall that since news broke that her marriage has hit the rocks, the actress used the social media to pour her heart, the latest being that her husband infected her with STDs