Nigerian luxury designer Malivelihood his on his spending spree again as he shocks every one again this valentine.

The Designer gave out a whopping 10 carat of VVS Diamonds to be attached to the finger nails of his fiancée as a valentine gift.

Last valentine saw Malivelihood buy her fiancée a multi-millionaire mansion and he also went on to engage her on the 21st of November, 2017 happens to be her birthday with a ring worth N56m.

According to my research the prices of diamond are sold per carats a carat of VVS Diamond is sold at $1400. So 10 carats will be $14000.

Abeg if she like herself make she no waka for road for night if not she go loss her hands.

How will someone be carrying such amount of money on just her finger nails, if you don’t know how to invest it why not give such amount to the less privileged and gain more blessings?