Talk about those who have contributed their quota to the movie industry,then Grace Amah name will be mentioned.

Her movie roles speak louder than what she has to say when it comes to displaying her talents and giving her very best in all she does.

Since becoming a mother 11 months ago,she has been consumed with a bigger assignment-motherhood than what make her famous -acting, and rarely seen in movies or movie locations.

Despite all the controversy over the paternity of her nine month-old son,Uchechukwu,the talented actress is unperturbed.

In an interview she granted months back,the sultry actress said; Feeling of motherhood it’s a very sweet feeling(Laughs) at least I have a responsibility now but then some things I was doing when I was single,I really can’t do them anymore because I know I now have to take care of the home and my baby,that now comes as the priority in my activities.

It feels great being a mother and it’s an honour too,it’s not everybody that is favored to have that feeling so it requires a special thankgiving to God.I am happy I have a son and beautiful boy at that,he is really a blessing.

Controversies will always be there for people in my kind of profession so am not bothered about them.Am a celebrity and people write all sorts of things about celebrities so I wasn’t surprised about it.

My husband didn’t reject my baby,I am happily married and my marriage is still intact.

The latest gist about this petite thespian is that, we learnt plans are going on to throw a birthday bash for her son next month, and she is not sparing any cost to give the “little love of her life” the very best.

Best of luck.