A couple of weeks back,star actress,Laide Bakare was reported to have been involved in an accident with her newly acquired Range Rover sport which she later denied.

But this time around,the tale hovering around the pretty mother of one child is that she has walked out of her marriage.This she also denied in a recent interview.

That’s another rumour.Anyway,for me,I have learnt to actually stop debunking stories because whether you say yes or no,people will still go ahead and cook up stories.

I want to believe my marital life and everything that has to do with my family is my private business and it has to be treated so.

My relationship is still very much intact.There is nothing wrong with my relationship.I don’t have any problem with my husband.

When people begin to write stories they are not sure of and I don’t own a newspaper company or a magazine to debunk whatever story they have written about me.So,all I can do is to keep my family out of my business

When asked,why did your husband choose to stay abroad all this while and leave you in Nigeria if the marriage is still intact as you claimed;she said That’s exactly what I am talking about.I have told you it’s my private life.

We communicate every time.That’s the truth.Just like I said,I just don’t want to discuss my family,I like to concentrate on my business