It is now a matter of “where in the world is TOPE ALABI?”

However, as you all know that the proverbial and legendary OWL is a nocturnal bird that doesn’t venture about in the daytime. It’s not that the owl doesn’t perform its investigative duty round the clock it just prefers to sit pretty on the iroko tree and scan the goings-on in
the daytime. The owl, of course, works harder and better at night!

By virtue of the supernatural power bestowed upon this timeless bird, THE OWL has uncovered the secret of the disgraced female “gospel” singer, Tope Alabi’s hiding place! Our authoritative source disclosed to us that the fetish Christian singer is now in the United States; Brooklyn, New York to be exact!

The gist is that when Tope Alabi was busy lying through her teeth to the unsuspecting Police in Nigeria she was surreptitiously making her way out of the country! This is astoundingly immoral for a woman who sings about the ills and inequities of our society to be running from the law?

When will Tope Alabi come clean over these fraud allegations? Her teeming fans and Christian faithful don’t want to believe that she is a vile woman and person of questionable character and, for their sake, Tope Alabi must show up to air her own view on this matter!

Meanwhile and, in another development, our source told us that Tope Alabi’s controversial “pastor,” IRETI AJANAKU, who many people have accused of wizardry and idol-worshipping, was recently spotted in Cotonou, the Republic of Benin. It’s not a big deal for Nigerian people to go to Cotonou or any of the African countries, but what makes this newsworthy was the ungodly hour and the exact place this supposed “man-of-God” was found at.

It was said that a former member of his church (this fellow left “Pastor” Ajanaku’s church because of his evil way) spotted him at a notorious spot in Cotonou known for juju and witchcraft. Many so-called “pastors” and fake healers from Nigeria flock to this area for juju and fetish energies to boost their “miracle-working” magic wands.