Nigerian business mogul, fashion designer, Creative director and a fashion stylist Toyin Lawani has been on the receiving end of insults from her baby’s father Lord Triggs.

Trigg has issued that Toyin went to Turkey to do plastic surgery just to gain his attention after dumping her.

The few weeks have just been lord trigs issuing insults on her time to time on social media.

According to Trigs no matter how many plastic surgery she gets, she will still look like her old self ‘shapeless’ like the Amoeba.

All these surgeries cannot help you, you are in turkey right now for surgeries to look better won’t change nothing. You will come back still looking like an amoeba.

Toyin Lawal is yet to make any comments on all his insults, she is yet to confirm if he is saying the truth that she wants to gain his attention by engaging in plastic surgeries or not.

I wonder if when he went after her in the first place his eyes were closed to see all of these features.