Yesterday, the members of  the Nigerian Senate had voted against the Gender and Equal Opportunity Bill, citing a lot of reasons for that. This has not gone that well with some women advocates including actresses like Uche Jombo who has spoken her mind on her Instagram page, where she made it known that women empowerment is not a threat.

She wrote ” Read through the Gender Equality bill (2011/2016). These are basic rights! Equal opportunities for men and women. Let’s get this off the way ‘ Women Empowerment is not a threat senators’ anything done to assist the Nigerian woman is done to assist Nigeria simple. How can you reject Gender equality bill? Every Senator that voted against the bill should hide in shame and the annoying part is the excuses they are giving as to why the bill is thrown out this second time.

FYI there are only 8 women in the 109 member Nigeria senate…It’s amazing what women can do when they come together. our voices MUST be heard. Download the bill online read and educate yourself then speak OUT(2011 version and 2016 version